Sunday, November 4, 2012

5.1 PTR: New Darkmoon Faire Pets and Games, Audio Clips (Spoilers)

Using the PTR up today, we discovered a lot of the six datamined pets from yesterday. While there appears to become a mistake visiting level 90 figures, 85s from past PTRs can log onto find many of these pets instantly learned!
Remember individuals Darkmoon Faire pavilions? Around the 5.1 PTR, several have completely finished construction! Blizzard continues to be shedding hints on twitter about fun developments in the Faire, therefore we checked it.

First of all we've Jeremy Feasel having a pet fight test. He has got three pets with him: Honky-Tonk, Fezwick the Darkmoon Monkey, and Judgement the Darkmoon Eye. Beating him is tied towards Darkmoon Pet Supplies.

Another attraction may be the Darkmoon Slide carousel! There is a new NPC selling ride tickets, but she only had the standard tokens for all of us. This appears just like a fun ride though, and also the models we datamined yesterday seem to be the cool passenger seats. Apparently when you get to ride the slide carousel, you receive the aficionado WHEE! which increases experience and status acquired by 10% to have an hour.

The PTR has a lot of new seem files since the deepening rift between Garrosh and also the Alliance and also the Horde. Fewyn was awesome enough to compile them into videos for all of us--try them out following the cut! Each video includes a warning, but to become obvious: major spoilers ahead.
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