Friday, November 2, 2012

WoW: Developers discuss scaling older raids

A feature which many wow fans want, is to leave to complete thus for example older raids, without rivets to opponents at the Anrempeln run the risk to the ability to demote his character. Living room last days this demand reappeared in the US Forum, which logged Community Manager Zarhym to Word.

In itself the possibility of scaling was inches - implemented already play the challenge mode. In this, after all all characters are used on a same item level, increasing difficulty to living room.

But the potential of this mechanism it is still not long ago exhausted, because developers discuss already out ways by which they can continue using the technology. However, guy would this not blare implement and thus release all content to scale.

The whole thing is as follows by providing go: You you created a group of 90 characters through 10 levels and denies E.g. cooldowns by them. So her will be reduced in the RAID on level 70. However, guy should keep that these plans only, and no concrete announcements are as developers look still methods, how they can apply the technology outside of the challenge mode.

Source: Official U.S. Forum

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